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The team behind the FILIPCOIN is creating a blockchain ecosystem for decentralized applications (DApps) with decentralized exchange (DEX) in the payment service economy sector. Unlike other projects in the cryptocurrency world, FILIPCOIN holders already gain automatic access to a developed and functional application for Transportation Industry, which can be seen in FILIPAY (, with additional uses and benefits in the pipeline.
FILIPCOIN Token will initially be a utility token operating on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum blockchain.
FILIPCOIN Token will be adpoted as a native coin to FCP's very own Blockchain.
Owning FCP during these early stages will establish your investment as a genuine early adopter of FCP Blockchain and will also provide the following benefits:
  • Blockchain Ecosystem for Mobile Payment Application Services
This particular use will allow partners from Transportation and other mobile payment application service sector to integrate a payment gateway to the FILIPCOIN blockchain ecosystem, these plug-and-play tools make it easy for anyone with a smartphone to access financial services at lower costs and will provide ease to its users, hence the beauty of a decentralized system leveraged by having its own blockchain technology.
Through decentralization, increased accessibility of available technology developed, though FCP will be able to cater to significant groups of users and target markets covering:
  • Developers – Having the upper knowledge in terms of blockchain and its relevance, developers can easily develop mobile applications which they can in turn sell to their clients, using the developed blockchain by FCP, through payments of FILIPCOINS, BITCOINS, ETHEREUM and other tokens or cryptocurrencies in line with the decentralized exchange (DEX).
  • Corporations – With the developed blockchain for mobile services, companies, private or public, will have easier access to implement the decentralized finance to accommodate the estimated 1.7 billion people who currently lack access to financial services.
  • Small-Medium Enterprise – For businesses who aim to go big and introduce their products and offers to the bigger global community, the FCP blockchain, with its business package model will move our SMEs closer to the international market. SMEs will have the opportunity to integrate their own mobile application designed for their business products and services allowing international exposure and facilitating payments from global business transactions.
  • End-User – Accessibility to all mobile apps needed and preferred by individual end-users, developed by the FCP blockchain, allowing various transactions using FILIPCOINS.
Under the FCP blockchain, all transactions paid through FILIPCOINS and other tokens and cryptocurrencies, will facilitate the FILIPCOIN circulation. With its usefulness and multiple applications, long-term FCP β€˜holders’ will soon be owning a legacy coin which can be used from one generation to another as FCP continues to provide a more accessible financial technology while advocating a better quality of life.
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