Holder Privilage
Exclusive privileges are offered to FILIPCOIN holders to provide a premium for participating in the ICO. Owning Filipcoins is a prerequisite to accessing the services and projects that holders may use and utilize, allowing them to maximize their purposes and accompanying benefits.
However, the level of accessibility and privileges vary depending on the number/amount of coins owned/purchased/HOLD. For the most part, the differences lie in the depth of accessibility as well as the equity and rewards percentages offered for every Filipcoin Project that will be implemented following its Roadmap.
The equity percentage will be allocated from the income of the FILIPAY project and the FILIPCOIN exchange. For investors, there will be AN assurance of the income per year based on the number/amount of coins owned/purchased/HOLD per year and directly credited yearly to the holder’s account in the FILIPCOIN Application.
The USD value depends on the value per FCP in the cryptocurrency exchanges.
Additionally, Filipcoin holders are guaranteed continuous upgrades and improvements of the FCP System as we continue to achieve every milestone in our Roadmap until the development of our own FILIPCOIN Blockchain.
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